Thursday, December 17, 2015

7 km Personal Bests from August to December 2015

7K is an intersting distance to cover for a runner. On one hand, it's not that long and exhausting and can be run even in less than 30 minutes (if one is fit, of course), on the other hand it requires a certain effort, if the runner opts for a brisk pace (let's say, 4:30 minutes per km). Here below you can find the list of my best performances on this distance, from August to December. I decided to update the list today, after a satisfying session concluded with a decent time.

7 km Personal Bests

1. September, 22nd -  32:39
2. November, 3rd    -  32:59
3. August, 8th          -  33:00
4. December, 25th   -  33:00
5. December, 17th  -  33:45
6. December, 12th   - 34:25
Standard: 35:00 (5min/km)

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