Friday, March 11, 2016

The power of music

Records are made to be broken. After 4 years and 5 months, this afternoon I finally managed to run 10 km breaking the 48 minutes barrier: my new PB is now 47 minutes and 57 seconds, which improved my 2011 and till today still unbeaten personal best of 48:07 by ten seconds. No need to mention that I am particularly satisfied about this last performance, because it confirms that hard work pays, no matter how old - or young - you are (on Eastern I am going to turn 40).

I guess that my new record is to be ascribed also to the mp3 collection I prepared just before going out today: 9 songs from the late '70s and early '80s, including Rocky's soundtrack and similar yes-you-can-do songs. Mostly at the beginning of the running session, the drum beat gave me the right mental strength to increase the pace, whereas at the end, when my stamina started to decrease, the music provided me with the energy I needed to cover the last two kilometers.

Here are the data of today's historical session:

Distance: 10 km (20 laps of a 500-meter circuit)
Time: 47:57:93 (manual)
Average: 4:47 min/km
Speed: 12,51 km/h
Temperature: around 10° Celsius, partly cloudy
Wind: 15/25 NE (quite annoying when running south)
Progression: 3 km: 14:13 - 5 km - 23:42; 7 km - 33:35
Heart Rate average: 178 (max: 191)
Kcal: 793

PS: let it rock and let it roll!

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