Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Marvelous Trio

Shocking pink, olive green and dirty white. These are the colors of the Marvelous Trio, aka my three pairs of Nike Streak Zoom 6. The newcomer is the "Pink Panther", purchased at an eBay auction and arrived from England just in time to avoid extra custom costs (thank you, delayed Brexit). Now my arsenal is complete and set to last at least until 2021 or longer (knock on wood).
The first white Streak (now they are closer to grey) have currently covered 500 km, so I assume that soon I will be forced to identify a successor. However, I will handle them with care, hoping that they will last as long as their cousins, the Streak LT 3, who carried me for 1000 km during 13 months, before the mesh ripped completely on both shoes. I think that high temperatures, downhill sessions and water are the most dangerous enemies of the Streak model, therefore there might be chances to enjoy my current pair until May 2020. But let's wait and see. Anyhow, I don't have any problem now!
To conclude, here are the prices of the Marvelous Trio (this is the thing I am most proud of, considering that the list price for each is 100 € or higher):
1) White: bought in September 2019 at at 50 € + 9 € delivery costs;
2) Olive Green: bought in November 2019 at at 60 € (free delivery);
3) Pink: bought in January 2019 at eBay UK (auction) at 36 £ (42,50 €) + 12 £ (14 €) delivery costs (and a couple of euros extra for currency exchange fee and credit card charges).

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