Friday, June 12, 2020

Nike Zoom Streak 6 Flyknit...oh boy!

They have been in my sight for many months. I was close to put my hands (and my feet) on them. I missed them by a hair at auction. Then I stumbled into an offer at the German eBay. Ok, they were used but almost new, still in great conditions, and the seller looked cooperative and reliable. Ah, I forgot to mention the price: usually this is the sore note when it comes to this model, so I was really astounded when I find out that I could have had them for only 55 €, delivery costs included. I inspected the pictures and found no evidence of counterfeiting or usage. Now they are on the top of my closet, ready to be worn as soon as the "Pink Panther" Streak 6 I am using now will kick the bucket. 

I haven't tested them on the road yet, but after wearing them I was instanctly able to detect some major differences with the "Flymesh" (that is, the Zoom Streak 6). First of all, they are lighter (even if it must be said that the Streak 6 are themselves extremely light, although not as light as the LT 3). Besides the upper, which is of course more refined, the Flyknit differs from the Streak 6 at four elements: 
- there is no padding in the collar around the ankle (but this part is much more elastic and unexpectedly comfortable);
- there is no internal strap (which provides stability in the Streak 6);
- the laces are integrated into the upper through Flywire cables;
- the tongue is more flexible and incorporated into the design.

Everything that concerns the sole is unchanged: 
- compression molded EVA foam;
- Zoom Air (only under the heel);
- internal midfoot "Pebax" shank;
- 8 mm heel drop;
- outsole rubber reminding a motorcycle tyre and ensuring an effective grip. 

Not only are these shoes aesthetically superior to any Streak model, but they are also probably the snuggest version around. I just had a walk in my flat and it felt like walking on slippers. I thought that the Streak 6 were unbeatable, but now I found the ultimate pleasure. Of course they have to pass the running test, but I have very positive expectations. The question is: will I find another pair at a reasonable price in the future?

5 Km test: impressions

I tried the Flyknit on the road (5 km in total, 2 km at 4:13 m/km pace, 500 m. 1:45 min). The shoes feel really "minimalistic", just like the good ol' LT 3. The absence of the medial strap and the collar padding increase comfort but reduce stability, most of all in the rearfoot and under the arch. If a full size more is necessary for me with the Streak 6, with the Flyknit half a size would be ok. The heel fits a bit looser compared with the Streak 6, which are for sure firmer and tighter. All in all, they are very comfortable, they feel great when running below the 4:00 min/km pace and I assume they are apt for long-distance running, like half marathon or marathon, due to their comfort, their soft upper and ultralight weight. 

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