Friday, September 11, 2020

New 5K PB with a new method

 Traditionally, September is the month of Personal Bests. Today I've set a new PB on the 5K distance, improving the last record by 15 seconds. I broke the 21 minutes wall, and my new PB is now 20'54" (around 4:10 min/km). Now, some reflections:

- Although I am not a teen anymore, I've been recently improving my PBs costantly in the last 6 months. They say: after you turn 40, your performances will start declining. Why am I improving, then? I think that in my 30's I didn't use my full potential, so now there is still room for improvement. To explain it better: let's assume you are 25, an age that allows you to cover 5K in 15 minutes, but your PB is 19 minutes; at 40, you decide to start training again and you set a PB of 18 minutes. Even if you're 15 older, you've improved your PB, but this is due to the fact that when you where younger you did not train properly and you ran far below your potential. Of course, when you're 40 you cannot expect to cover 5K in 15 minutes (unless you're a pro), yet you can still place yourself between, let's say, 17 and 19 minutes. I guess this is my case. 

- This time the PB is not to be ascribed to the interval training method, but to the Murakami's approach, the Japanese writer and marathon runner. In his book about running, he claims that he trains 6 days a week, covering 10 km at a "decent pace" (he doesn't specify the speed, but I guess that he means 5 min/km or below). Even if I was not particularly fit during the last 10 days due to digestion problems (namely, reflux), I decided to hit the bullet and cover the 10K distance as long as I could (4 days in a row). The following week, feeling better, I slightly reduced the mileage, covering 7 km every day, part of which I focused on running below 4'30". The results was today's PB. 

- My next goal is to set a new PB in the 10K distance (I think I can achieve that) and maybe, perhaps, probably, breaking the 20 minutes barrier in the 5K. But to achieve this goal, I think I will have to resort to the boring but effective interval training. We'll see.

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