Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Second personal best in the 5K

Maybe it is to be ascribed to the optimal weather conditions (25°, light wind) or to my new summer outfit and shoes. Maybe I got inspired by the great Steve Prefontaine (I wrote an article about him two days ago). Who knows. The fact of the matter is that today, at 19:00, I almost equalled my record in the 5000 meters, running the distance in 22 minutes and 10 seconds (4:26 minutes per kilometer), only one second more than my PB set last year in October.

Food for thoughts: all over the last months I haven't slept well, due to a problem which I will describe in another post. I need to research more on the matter, but it seems that the lack of sleep might increase stress, but also efficiency and physical performances, at least in the short term. But never forget: I am not a doctor!

Till the next record!

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