Saturday, February 24, 2018

One year after: cholesterol down

More than one year has passed since the day of my last blood check. Many things have changed during this period: I spent 13 month in Paris, now I am back home. During my staying in France I was not able to check my values (I obtained my health card just before I left the country!), so I was curious to know what happened to my cholesterol levels. At the beginning of this week I went to the hospital and this morning I picked up the results...surprise: both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol values are within the normal range. What can be the cause of this (positive) change? I'll list them here below:
- during my staying in France, I stopped eating pasta every day. They say that a large amount of carboidrates might be responsible for high cholesterol values;
- although I stopped running regularly, I was always on the road: walking, running (to catch the metro!), and jogging when I had the time;
- I avoided drinking alcohol and eating junk food, even if I did not have a full control over my meals;
- one month before taking the blood test, I started running again (4 times a week);
- last but not least, I started taking rice red pills, a natural statine highly reccommended to fight cholesterol.

Here you can see the results, compared with the previous values.

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