Tuesday, July 31, 2018

First pair of "technical" shoes

As I repeated many times in this blog, I am not a Nike fan. I don't have anything against their shoes, the fact is that this company represents to me the typcal drawbacks of capitalistic society: conformism, desire to show off, bad taste. However, I swallowed my pride due to "technical" reasons (which I will explain here below) and eventually bought a pair of Nike Zoom Streak LT 3. Actually 2 pairs. Being an old model, it is impossible to find it in shops. I ordered a 9.5 US pair from Ireland (white and yellow) and after testing them I decided to send them back: unfortunately my second finger is a few millimeters longer than my allux, and in this kind of ultra-light shoes such problem might become quite annoying in the long run. While waiting for the refund, I ordered another pair from an Italian shop, this time size 10. I received them on 30 July and tried them on: perfect!
Now some comments about the shoes, after a first 2-km run:
- Extremely light, I ran like the wind
- Effective grip
- Comfortable
- Nice color
- Reasonable price (69 euro)
- I guess that they won't last more than 6 months. The material is really too thin!
- The sole is very comfortable but very soft as well. I wonder how long it will last...
- Strange feeling during the first run. I realised that part of the internal sole doesn't lay on the ground! After 2 km, I got used to it.
- I detected imperfections in the stitching
- Made in China, hopefully not in a sweatshop

These Nike Streak are my first "technical" running shoes. I pondered many months before purchasing them, and all in all I am satisfied, as I have what I was looking for. I got some information before taking my decision: they were used by professional runners and received a positive feedback, though some runners complain about their "short life". I can feel a real difference between them and my old Reebok shoes, that in comparison seem heavy, less accurate and less stable, mainly during the fast sprints. Moreover, I wanted to try running shoes with a "contact" to the ground. These Streak LT3 are really "flat" and ensures you a good stability while running.
I will keep you posted about the future performances with my new shoes, hoping to break new records soon!

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