Thursday, September 13, 2018

10 km PB improved after 2 years

My best performance in the 10 km distance dated back September 2016, when the watch stopped at 47 minutes and 17 seconds. In the last two years I've been busy with several projects around the world, which did not allow me to train regularly. Finally, after an overwhelming assignement in North Africa, I had the chance to fully enjoy 2 summer months of freedom and I decided to make the best of them. I started to train every day from August the 1st till today, alternating one day of running and one day of exercises (crunches, pull ups and push ups). Constant training pays: after one month and a half I resumed my old good shape, even if I am still far from my 5 km PB (21:21) - my best timing this year in the 5km is 22'51''. In the mean time, I improved my personal best in the 10 km distance: benifiting from today's perfect weather conditions (25°, no wind, cloudy with scattered drizzles) and from my new super-light Nike Zoom Streak lt 3, I completed the distance in 47' 11'', that is 6 second faster than my previous best performance. The improvement is not that significant (the pace is the same: 4'43''/km), however it is encouraging to know that I can run faster than 2 years ago, although I am 2 years older! Now, my aim is to break the 47 minutes wall and I am pretty confident I can make it. 

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