Sunday, September 1, 2019


One year has passed since my best performance on the 10k distance (47'11", 13 September 2018, when I slightly improved my 2016 PB by a few seconds). During the last 3 years, I often asked myself: "should I give up my hopes to improve it?" or "am I too old to run faster than that?". So I decided to change strategy. Instead of running faster, I simply started covering longer distances keeping a "normal" pace (around 5 min / km). In July I was determined to improve my PB running at a 4:40 min / km pace, but after the 6th km I was systematically out of fuel. To hell, I thought! In August I enjoyed the spectacular landscape of the Sardinian west coast, running every day around 8 km in the pine-woods, along the lake and the sea. At the end of the month, my Nike Zoom Streak Lt 3 covered 200 km (112 below 5 min / km). By the way, after 1000 km they're still in a great shape! Moreover, I swam 10 km (around 500 m. every day) and did exercises for the upper part of my body 3 times a week.

This morning I didn't feel well. I thought I came down with the flu. And it started raining cats and dogs. No, this is not the day to improve my PB. But I was curious about the results of my new strategy. Around 18:00, in spite of a moderate wind blowing from north-east, I put on my Streak Lt 3 and hit the road. It was still hot, around 28°, yet not unpleasently sultry thanks to the September breeze. After the 2nd km, I had good vibrations: I felt powerful and light. The progress was promising: 5th km in 22:47, 7th km in 32:05. Not bad! Without major efforts, I could complete the 20th lap of the 500 m. circuit with a surprising 46:07 time, improving my last PB by one minute (average: 4:36 min / km)!

Possible reasons behind this performance:
- 202 km run in August: (around 50 km a week)
- 112 km run at a 5 min / km pace
- swimming: I read somehwere that it improves resistance
- more focus on quantity rather than on quality (meaning: running longer rather than faster).
- running 6 days a week, around 8 km a day, at least 10 km (or longer) twice a week

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