Monday, September 23, 2019

New 7K PB, or: getting close to break the 45' wall

Pushed by the desire to test further my new Nike Zoom Streak 6, this afternoon I decided to cover the 7k distance at a 4:30 m/km pace and I concluded my session with a respectable 31'22" time (4:28 m/km). I think I've taken the right path that will lead me to break the 45 minutes wall in the 10k distance, provided that I'll keep on running with discipline and motivation. The weather for the last days of September is promising (25°, fresh wind, no rain), I am in a good shape and the new shoes are responding very well: today I felt like running with my slippers! After around 50 km, I can say that in these new Streak 6 my feet feels much more comfortable than in the Lt 3, whose very thin midsole and extremely low heel drop were a plus in terms of speed, but a minus in terms of comfort. However, I don't want to jump to conclusions too fast: let's run other 100 km and I will be able to express a more detailed opinions on both shoes. 

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