Friday, December 6, 2019


In September 2019 I decided to upgrade my shoes, shifting from a pair of Nike Zoom Streak LT 3 (unusable due to consumption and more than 1000 km) to the Nike Zoom Streak 6. Although I was not overly convinced about this choice (actually I couldn't find the LT 3 anywhere at a reasonable price), after 200 km my feet gave me a positive feedback: let's stick with the 6 model! As I wrote in previous posts, right now I have the impression that the "Six" are the right shoes for me, for the following reasons:
- they are more cushioned than the LT 3;
- my feet is more stable while running fast, even when I run below a 4 min/km pace;
- very snug and comfortable: maybe the ultra light LT 3 model is more ideal for tempo runs, but definitely cannot be compared with the "soft and bouncing" sensation that I feel on long-distance running with the "Six";
- after each run with the LT 3, my heels hurt, due to their very low sole. Never experienced such effect with the 6;
- better lacing system;
- last but no least, I think they will be more resistent than the LT 3, but this is something that only time will confirm (probably the thin mesh will be the first victim of aging, on the othen hand, the sole looks more solid and less prone to consumption).

This is the reason why I've been looking for a second pair of Nike Zoom Streak 6 (of course online, where I live I have never found a pair on the shelf of the shops, but this is another story...). I know that the "Seven" are similar, but I read reviews that highlighted the slight differences on the size (it seems that the 7 are bigger than the 6, and that means running the risk to order a pair which doesn't fit my foot...). This time I wanted to be on the safe side, so I explored the Black Friday offers (an event which I utterly despise, but, alas, my budget was limited...) in search of a new pair of Nike Zoom Streak 6. When I was about to give it up (Friday had gone and I couldn't find any model in my size at a reduced price), on the night of Saturday, 30 November, I stumbled on the website of Running Warehouse Europe, where I found a 60 euro pair with no delivery costs. Considering that the launch price was around 100 euro, I had no doubt: seen, ordered, received! As you can see, the color is questionable (olive green is trendy this year, but combining it with the flashing crimson swoosh was not the greatest idea...). The shoes lay now in my closet, ready to be used as soon as the white/yellow/black Streak 6 which I am currently using kick the bucket. Hopefully, as late as possible.

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