Thursday, October 3, 2019

Breaking the wall

Honestly, only 1 year ago I didn't think it was possible. I mean, I had hopes to improve my 10K PB after the last encouraging performances, but whenever I thought of breaking the 45 minutes wall, I shoke my head in disbelief. I was wrong.
Today I put on my brand new Nike Streak 6 (well, they're getting dirty now...) and hit the road. The weather conditions were ideal for a new PB: light wind, 20°, blue sky. Let's try...after 15 minutes warm-up, I started running at a 4:30 m/km pace, making sure to not run faster than that (my feet instinctively reached a quicker pace, but I had to restrain them). The first split at 5K was 22:25, quite good, so it was the 7K split, 31:18. I could breath with no effort and I had the impression that I could accelerate a bit, but I wanted to keep the same rhythm till the end. Only in the last 500m lap I increased the pace, and I concluded with my new personal best: 44' 47" (a bit less than 4' 29" m/km), breaking the 45 minutes wall, which I thought it was unbreakable. Right now, one hour after this performance, I don't feel particularly stressed or tired, and I guess that this proves that my condition has reached an optimal level. The next target? Breaking the 20 minutes wall in the 5K ! 

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