Sunday, October 4, 2020

5 pink records

Good news and bad news. Today I've set a new record in the 10K distance: 44'32" at an average pace of 4'27" m/km, even if I kept a 4'30" pace for around 8 km and sprinted in the 1st and last km (I ran the first km at 4'20" and the last 500m in 2'00"). I enjoyed my run in a sunny day, even if the strong wind blowing from SSW (30 km/h) was pretty annoying and the usual insolent driver caused me to lose at least 3 seconds. The bad news is that my glorious pink Nike Zoom Streak 6 are about to kick the bucket, after only 4 months, even if it must be said that in the last 120 days I covered 566 km, running almost every day at a fast pace. As you can see in the picture, the side is almost completely shredded, due to the thin mesh. It was predictable, and this is the reason why I bought two other pairs. Nevertheless, I hope to use the pink one at least for a couple of months more. 

An attempt to keep the side together with long will it last?

I will always keep a special memory of these pink Streak, as with them I set my last 5 records (which I hope to break with another pair of Streak soon!). Here is the recap of the greatest "pink" performances:

1 km - 3'27", 29 July 2020

3 km - 12'04", 5 August 2020

5 km - 20'54", 23 August 2020

7 km - 30'47", 28 August 2020

10 km - 44'32", 4 October 2020 

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