Sunday, December 6, 2020


I still have no doubt about it: the Nike Streak 6 are great shoes, ideal for interval training, races (even if I have never taken part to a competitive event so far) and speed work. But they're not durable: if you run more than 150 km a month, after 100 days or even less time they will start showing evident signs of deterioration. As it's getting harder to find them on eBay and on e-shops at a reasonable price (not to mention the difficulties in finding the right size), I decided to change strategy and to apply the "rotation system". First,  I needed a reliable pair of shoes for long runs at a medium pace. And I found them: the Nike Pegasus 34! It wasn't easy to get them: it's an old model distributed in 2017 and now discontinued. Right now it is easier to find the following models (35, turbo, 36 and 37), which do not appeal me at all. The 34s are much more "traditional" in their shape, and I prefer the classic version. After failing my first attemp to order a pair from eBay (the seller didn't accept the why on Earth do this people sell items on the web?!) I found a quite good offer by a more reliable vendor: never worn, brand new, electric blue, with box, 65 € + delivery costs. A bargain, considered that the price on the shelf in 2017 was 121 €. I bid, I won (well, I was the only bidder...) and the postman delivered them yesterday, 5 December (on Volunteer Day, by the way). In spite of an annoying pain at the Achilles tendon which has been affecting my daily running since October, I tested them this morning. The results? Absolutely spectacular! I can feel the two zoom units (one under the heel, one in the front), which make the sole softer but at the same time also very responsive. Compared to the essential Streak, the Pegs are cosier (thanks to the plush interiors) and of course heaviers (as soon as I get well, I will test them in faster sessions). A big difference with the Streaks 6 and LT 3 is the first approach: even if it was the first session, today I felt as I ran 100 km with them. No need to break in, no adjustement, no pain (with the 3 pairs of Streak that I had, it took at least a couple of weeks to adjust them to the shape of my feet). 

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