Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Commercial brainwashing (part 2)

Independent thinkers are not welcome in the market society, where people are passive consumers whose free will must be absolutely switched off. I don't want to put down technological progress, the whole automotive industry and the great amount of services which are now available (if you have money to afford them). The point is that a market economy is based upon growth, but growth, at least on our planet, is limited. Therefore it is not possible to increase production, consumption and waste of natural resources for ever. Moreover, if we really learn to think critically and to reflect on what commercials offer, we might realize that many of these products and services are superfluous. Switching on self-awareness and turning consumers into citizens is something our economy cannot afford, and spreading around concepts like sustainability and critical thinking is a dangerous risk that multinational companies don't want to run. Fashion, trends, emotions, addiction, compulsion, desire to show off and compete help selling much more than wisdom, foresight and discretion. But we are blackmailed: do you want to promote self-awareness and sustainability at the cost of making millions of workers redundant? You must be kidding! The show must go on!  

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