Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Commercial brainwashing (part 1)

Commercials are tricky: advertising experts know well how to exploit consumers' weaknesses in order to promote products that we don't really need or we don't even desire. Think about SUV spots on TV: in less than 30 seconds, messages like power, respect, freedom, independence, uniqueness bombard the viewers brain. The fact of the matter is that such vehicles, if purchased by the incautious customer, will cause a lot of problems that the cunning commercial "forgets" to list. Let's imagine a parallel universe, where commercials tell the truth. How would they look like? Here below three funny examples I created. I think that people would make huge steps forward in the process of become independent thinkers and active citizens of this world. On the other hand, economy as we know it would collapse, and I don't dare to think about the counter-effects of this phenomenon if we fail to offer valid alternatives...   

SUV and CARS in general




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