Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Effects of running 40 km per week

Since August I've been running 40 km a week (around 20 km a week under 5 min / km pace) and I've been doing exercises for the upper part of my body every other day. I've also increased considerably the consume of fruits and liquids. Here is a list of the effects I detected on my mind and body:
  • LDL and total Cholesterol, Tryglicerides have decreased;
  • Blood pressure is quite low: 61 / 102 (exercise is known to lower blood pressure);
  • In spite of the fact that I was already quite thin (when I started running in April my weight was 64 kg - my height is 174 cm), I lost 3 more kilos in the last two months. Now my weight is 61 kg, and I think that it's the "minimum" weight I can get;
  • I need for sure a new pair of shoes (after 700 km my Reebok Dash Runners' soles are worn-out);
  • Never felt fitter and lighter than now; 
  • My muscles are tonic, no pain in my joints;
  • I sleep soundly 8 hours at night; 
  • When I run in the morning I feel the need to recharge my batteries in the afternoon (in such cases, even a ten minutes nap is enough);
  • Good mood after each running and exercise session;
  • I feel more and more the need to eat fresh food (fruit, vegetable) rather than processed food or cooked meat, specially after running.

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